Box office smashes, timeless stills, award-winning television, breakthrough short films — Canon optics have captured it all. Dig through the fascinating videos and stunning short films below. All shot with Canon lenses, not only will they inform, but they may just inspire your next shoot.



Filmmaker Interviews: John Pope

Cinematographer John Pope shares his personal experiences using the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D while shooting his documentary, Blood Brother, in India.

Why We Ride: Behind The Scenes

When Bryan H. Carroll made a documentary about the world of motorcycling, he needed a camera that was fast enough to keep up with speeding bikes, and which produced an image as beautiful as the stories shared by the riders he profiles.

On Location: Shooting with the Canon EOS-1D C

When co-Directors Kate Rolston and Tyler Stableford traveled to Ethiopia to shoot a documentary, they packed the Canon EOS-1D C. Listen as they tell in their own words how this camera enabled them to connect with their subject.

Life According to Sam

Take a look behind the scenes of the production of the HBO documentary "Life According To Sam," which chronicles the story of a young man with progeria, a fatal disease which is characterized by dramatically accelerated aging.

Pulse by StillMotion

Can a camera detect a user’s heart rate and generate custom music? BioBeats created a world where our apps and devices understand and adapt to the way we feel.

Pulse: Behind The Scenes

How do you shoot a documentary in 3 countries in just over a week? With the C100, which allowed stillmotion to work in a run and gun situation while maximizing their storytelling.

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossoms

Oscar Nominee Lucy Walker takes full advantage of the features and benefits offered by the Canon EOS 7D in the making of "The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom."

Open Heart: Behind the Scenes

Director and Cinematographer Kief Davidson discusses the making of his Oscar-nominated short documentary, “Open Heart,” and how the Canon EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera allowed him to capture a wide range of scenes.

James Longley: Afghanistan Documentary

A short behind-the-scenes look at James Longley’s latest documentary Project currently in Production in Afghanistan. James is shooting with the EOS C300 in rugged conditions and remote areas.

Filmmaker Interviews: Eli Roth

Director, producer, writer and actor Eli Roth co-wrote and stars in the new thriller “Aftershock”. With an ambitious schedule and a tight budget, Eli chose the 5D Mark II to shoot the realistic earthquake movie.


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