Box office smashes, timeless stills, award-winning television, breakthrough short films — Canon optics have captured it all. Dig through the fascinating videos and stunning short films below. All shot with Canon lenses, not only will they inform, but they may just inspire your next shoot.



Filmmaker Interviews: Peter Simonite

Peter Simonite tells us about his experiences shooting a variety of different types of content from dramas and comedic shorts to commercial videos and documentaries, using the Cinema EOS system cameras and lenses.

Filmmaker Interviews: John Pope

Cinematographer John Pope shares his personal experiences using the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D while shooting his documentary, Blood Brother, in India.

Canon Motion Capture Lenses: On Set and Behind the Scenes

Around the world, noted filmmakers choose Canon Cine and EF lenses to bring their work to light.

Canon: Support Matters - Featuring Gabrielle Revere

In 2009 fashion and beauty photographer Gabrielle Revere switched to Canon. Find out why and learn what Canon Service & Support can do for you.

Canon Professional Service & Support: Speed. Quality. Excellence

Take an inside look at Canon U.S.A.'s Professional Service & Support operations and see how we are committed to meet the demands of working professionals and keep your business up and running.

The New Photojournalism

The demand for rich content has increased and economic pressures continue to develop in photojournalism. Learn how Dallas based photojournalist and film maker David Leeson has created new opportunities for himself in this changing professional climate.

Stephanie Sinclair on the Impact of Color

Learn about photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair’s work in the areas of human rights and gender equality, and how she employs color to entice the viewer, and draw them into the image and story being conveyed.

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossoms

Oscar Nominee Lucy Walker takes full advantage of the features and benefits offered by the Canon EOS 7D in the making of "The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom."

Joachim Ladefoged: Achieving Control

Photographer Jaochim Ladefoged's unusual number of specialties require him to be in full control of his shots. In this clip he talks about his story and shares his experiences shooting with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Filmmaker Interviews: Vincent Laforet & Polly Morgan

Renowned director Vincent Laforet and Cinematographer Polly Morgan discuss how they shot their short film, Mobius, using the Canon EOS C300.

Filmmaker Interviews: Tyler Stableford

Canon Explorer of Light photographer, Tyler Stableford, talks about shooting with the new Canon EOS-1D X camera.

Filmmaker Interviews: Ruben Sluijter

Ruben Sluijter, Cinematographer of “Seduced and Abandoned” discusses the ease of shooting a big production with the Canon EOS C300.

Sundance: Canon Celebrates Cinematography Workshop

Canon hosted a cocktail event to honor and recognize the work of all Cinematographers at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Join us for a look inside the Canon Celebrates Cinematography party, and a chat with the filmmakers.

Filmmaker Interviews: Canon Spotlights Cinematography

During this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Canon invited a panel of Cinematographers to share their thoughts on filmmaking and their experiences with the Cinema EOS system. Here’s a look inside.

Filmmaker Interviews: Dana Christiaansen

Dana Christiaansen, Cinematographer and Commercial Director, talks about shooting a short with the Canon EOS C300, and why it's revolutionized his approach to filmmaking.

Filmmaker Interviews: Eli Roth

Director, producer, writer and actor Eli Roth co-wrote and stars in the new thriller “Aftershock”. With an ambitious schedule and a tight budget, Eli chose the 5D Mark II to shoot the realistic earthquake movie.

Filmmaker Interviews: Ellen Kuras

Celebrated Cinematographer Ellen Kuras joined Canon at the IFP in New York and spoke about her latest personal project, shot on the Canon EOS 300.

Filmmaker Interviews: Rick Gershon

MediaStorm’s Director of Photography, Rick Gershon, brought the C300 to Angola to shoot their documentary “Surviving the Peace,” which follows the Progress of the Mines Advisory Group as they clear unexploded ordnance.


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